Friday, July 5, 2013

Who I Am

So after a few days of Mercury retrograde and communications being all haywire and such, I decided that everyone who reads my little blogspot needs to know that this blog represents only the tiniest fraction of who I am.

I blog when I have time (rarely) or feel moved to share. I journal much more with paper and pen than I share here. If you take this tiny part of me and try to psychoanalyze the whole of me, you'll be lacking the most of me and will only come up with a fraction of me.... gee, can I set that to music?

I am so much more than the few words I've shared here. People can only accurately describe what they perceive and experience. Perceptions differ in the light of the eyes that view them...

Just so you know, Mercury rules communications and when he retrogrades, these things do run amuk. He also rules moving parts and electronics so if things are fritzing, blame Mercury. It is not a good time to sign contracts or buy electronics. He will go direct on July 20 and the change will be a welcome relief as it always is when he's finished disrupting the universe!  

So, just in case any of you are wondering who I am, these are my personal perceptions of me and who I strive to be: I am laughter and light. I am joy. I am a big kid at heart. I am a lover of animals, nature, and art of all kinds. I am peace and understanding (unless I'm taking something too literal which does happen as has been brought to my attention again recently). I am stubborn, strong willed and independent (but learning to lean on others). Life is too short to be filled with worry, anxiety and fears. Of course I am human and I experience all of these emotions but then I let them slip through my fingers like tiny grains of sand as they serve no good purpose in my life that I can ascertain. 

Can we ever really know anyone from the few words they write and share openly? Only perhaps if we've been reading them for years.....

My shoes probably tell a lot more about who I am than my blog does so I thought I'd share my most favorite pair! My red, white and blue, flowery Dansko's! I have happy feet! Peace and Love to you all and I hope you survive Mercury retrograde with your communications intact!


  1. Good afternoon, Dixiebelle...

    First of all, I LOVE those shoes!!!! Having Happy Feet is a very good thing, I think!

    Whether or not we can "know" someone by their writings, I think, depends on if we can connect or relate to their writings. I think once we find a 'thread,' then we start looking for more.

    I write much more in my journal than I do on my blog. I started my journal the day that my Dad had his stroke back in 1996... 17 years later, I am still writing.

    Thank you for sharing this insight!


    1. I think you are correct in relating to other's writings. I am going to have to bow out of writing until Mercury goes direct because it seems I am miscommunicating way too much these days!

      I love the shoes too =) They speak to my personality and they are sooo comfy!

    2. I would most definitely think that they WOULD speak to your personality!! Comfy when it comes to shoes is also a good thing!!


      Through my genealogy work, I've learned that I had family living up in that area around 1825...


    3. On Mercury or in Middle TN? lol =) Just teasing...where abouts?

    4. HA!!! Yeah... Mercury!!!!


  2. You know, Dixie, a lot of things in this world are said and done out of caring.
    No pseudo-psychology, no criticizing, no pretending to know.

    Just caring.


  3. Hi Stephanie. I do know and appreciate your care and concern. I blogged this more as an invitation to know me better because just a few words a month does not accurately reflect on who I am. I feel when people communicate by blog, especially during Mercury retrograde that miscommunications and misperceptions happen as has been the case for me a whole lot lately. This post was not intended to hurt. I'm sorry if you feel it was directed towards you. It was about my frustrations with trying to communicate at all during Mercury retrograde on a blog where no one really knows me except for Steven.