Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Samhein

Getting ready for the hordes of children that come begging for candy this evening! My pumpkin is carved and my candles are ready....are you???

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reading Heinlein

I was asked by a 19 year old young man to read a book as old as myself. Science fiction has never been my first choice for reading but over the years I have enjoyed some of it. This book, Stranger in a Strange Land, is a great read. Easy to digest and with the exception of a few minor little things like guys calling gals "doll" and such, this book could have been written today. Wait, I did date a guy for a brief period of time that called me "doll". I think he did it because he couldn't remember my name. All gals were dolls to him.... I digress......

The idea behind this fascinating story is a human named Michael Valentine Smith who was born and reared on Mars by the Martians and is reunited with Earthlings. He comes back to live on Earth. He has to "grok" the ways of us humans as his learned ways are Martian. In the book, he says "Thou art God" to everyone because to the Martians, everyone is the "God" of their own life. Not to get involved in a one sided theological discussion here but WOW! The impact of this one statement "Thou art God" has really made me more aware of, well, me. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an open mind about themselves and their life in general. Now I understand why my Grandmother, a published writer, avid science fiction reader, Sunday school leader, backbone of her small community and overall great lady (a southern belle in a dress always) used to tell me you are God. She always said we come from God and God is within us all. Now I get it....."Thou art God".

Saturday, October 27, 2012


The bunnies hide in the darkest crevices and corners
only to be discovered
and discarded
by the swish of my broom....

Not to be confused with the real bunny Houdini
who has come to live with me temporarily
in his little hutch out back.
He is a big soft scrumptious bunny.
Not at all like his under the bed counterparts
which really are not his counterparts at all except in name only.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Driving Autumn

Yesterday I drove. Over the river and through the woods I returned to my humble abode but not before passing through the veritable frenzy of autumn's glory in a swirl of golden leaves. The winds were high as I piloted my automobile down the two lane country road. Thirty to forty miles an hour winds buffeted me and the leaves that were falling became a display so beautiful it was hard to stay focused on the mechanics of the machinery that I was in control of. I love driving autumn.....

Postscript: This was written Sunday 10/15/12 with thoughts of adding to it but after reading it today decided to leave it the way it was written.

The Ugh of being Sick


pretty much sums up the way I feel at the present time.

It's a lot better than yesterday when the moaning, groaning and gnashing of teeth were commencing over the porcelain bowl.

I do not do sick at all. Avoid it like the plague. But obviously not this time as some decrepit little germ found it's way into my body and basically destroyed me for a day and a half.

So here I sit complaining about my little buggie. Poor me. Gross. I don't like me when I'm like this.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cable TV

I don't watch television much less all the varied offerings that my cable service provides me and yet I spend an enormous amount of money just for the pleasure of doing so. The gamut runs from Honey Boo Boo (some poor big little girl who's family have exploited their lack of social graces and ineptness as a pageant family) to Paranormal Activity or some such ghastly, ghoulish, ghostly drivel served with screams and shivers to make the experience oh so much more real.....

The cost is skyrocketing towards the next universe and I've decided that the time is ripe for divesting myself from the weakness of having cable television available 24/7 should I so desire. The children have been warned....the script has been rewritten and we will no longer live with the click of a remote to entertain our brains to mushiness.

And before I go further, there are some good points to be mentioned in favor of the vast offerings that cable provides but who has the time? Certainly not is way too short to spend it in front of the squawk box as my daddy used to call it. Maybe someday when I'm old and frail and need some company, I'll look to the television to guide my days but God I hope not. I hope I die with a book in my hand instead!

Alas, I am still at the mercy of the cable company if I wish to be connected to the world of high speed internet. Some say the internet will replace television in years to come. At least I do use my brain in order to communicate with the world via the computer instead of just grunting affirmations to the latest visual offerings my cable company provides me with. I do not ever wish to be one of the masses of sheeple waiting to be spoon fed the dribble the God's of Cable televison provide for my viewing pleasure/nightmare.....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Living in The Moment

My philosophy.....
Living in the moment.
It seems so easy
and yet those of us who enjoy
the power of words
tend not to live this way
as we see beyond the moment
with our imaginings
and the stories we create

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chilly Morn....

I stepped out into the chilly darkness of an early morn,
No birds were singing yet and
the sliver of moon was just hanging in the sky
as if from a string unnoticed.
Morning it surely is.
but night's calm still lingers...,

Monday, October 8, 2012

On Death and Dying

Today I lost another friend....
she was old and tired and ready to move on.
It does not lessen the sting of her departure from this physical world.

Another friend is in the hospital and will pass this week.
He had a major stroke that sent him there and soon to the beyond.

On days like today, my job wearies me.
I work with the elderly,
and as precious as they are to me,
my heart breaks every time one goes home...

I must turn on the power of a positive smile,
keep moral up and continue my job
with those of us who are so casually left behind
when death comes.

It is so easy to make friends
and so hard to loose them.....

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gardening in a Cold Rain

Must remember not to wear my heart on my sleeve while gardening in a cold has gotten wet and it feels as if it has shrunken like forgotten cotton clothes in a hot dryer. sigh..... at least the sun is making an appearance now. That always helps warm the soul and the dirty fingers....

Monday, October 1, 2012

Big Scary Meetings and Such....

I have to do brave and functional while sharing my ideas and viewpoints with my peers. It is not always easy but I will persevere and then it will be done. My nerves get the better of me most times but I have a secret weapon this time........ someone who believes in me....