Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cable TV

I don't watch television much less all the varied offerings that my cable service provides me and yet I spend an enormous amount of money just for the pleasure of doing so. The gamut runs from Honey Boo Boo (some poor big little girl who's family have exploited their lack of social graces and ineptness as a pageant family) to Paranormal Activity or some such ghastly, ghoulish, ghostly drivel served with screams and shivers to make the experience oh so much more real.....

The cost is skyrocketing towards the next universe and I've decided that the time is ripe for divesting myself from the weakness of having cable television available 24/7 should I so desire. The children have been warned....the script has been rewritten and we will no longer live with the click of a remote to entertain our brains to mushiness.

And before I go further, there are some good points to be mentioned in favor of the vast offerings that cable provides but who has the time? Certainly not is way too short to spend it in front of the squawk box as my daddy used to call it. Maybe someday when I'm old and frail and need some company, I'll look to the television to guide my days but God I hope not. I hope I die with a book in my hand instead!

Alas, I am still at the mercy of the cable company if I wish to be connected to the world of high speed internet. Some say the internet will replace television in years to come. At least I do use my brain in order to communicate with the world via the computer instead of just grunting affirmations to the latest visual offerings my cable company provides me with. I do not ever wish to be one of the masses of sheeple waiting to be spoon fed the dribble the God's of Cable televison provide for my viewing pleasure/nightmare.....


  1. Oh you have this one right, Dixie... We had to cancel before we put something through the TV screen.. but cancelling was no easy matter.. I tried for 6 months to no avail.. but finally something happened the last time I contacted them (after waiting and listening to elevator music for 20 minutes, probably wishing I would hang up first but I held out)and they put me thru to the "Loyalty" dept, yes that was the name of the cancellation dept. I have finally been allowed to escape. ahhhhh. sorry for the long story! much better now.

  2. Thank you Gwen. It was a bit frustrating for me too as they tried to keep me with discounts etc. I stood firm. I never watch tv anyway.
    I'm glad you escaped cable!