Monday, October 8, 2012

On Death and Dying

Today I lost another friend....
she was old and tired and ready to move on.
It does not lessen the sting of her departure from this physical world.

Another friend is in the hospital and will pass this week.
He had a major stroke that sent him there and soon to the beyond.

On days like today, my job wearies me.
I work with the elderly,
and as precious as they are to me,
my heart breaks every time one goes home...

I must turn on the power of a positive smile,
keep moral up and continue my job
with those of us who are so casually left behind
when death comes.

It is so easy to make friends
and so hard to loose them.....


  1. i realise that it hurts our humanity when we lose someone dear...that sting is like a splinter in your heart, one you feel shall never pass.. feel it...let it move through you....but also revel in the lightness of being...of the opportunity to have mutually shared each other's light, expanding your awareness of the purity of love...

    namaste.. ♥

    1. Thank you Viviana. I was fortunate to know this lady. I'm glad our paths crossed as she was really cool. It was a pleasure, for me, to be her friend and to help her when I could.

      Peace and Love =)

  2. It is hard to lose those around us. Sending prayers your way. Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

    1. My grandmothers were very special ladies in my life. I was moved by the picture of yours. Thank you for sharing her with everyone on your blog.