Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reading Heinlein

I was asked by a 19 year old young man to read a book as old as myself. Science fiction has never been my first choice for reading but over the years I have enjoyed some of it. This book, Stranger in a Strange Land, is a great read. Easy to digest and with the exception of a few minor little things like guys calling gals "doll" and such, this book could have been written today. Wait, I did date a guy for a brief period of time that called me "doll". I think he did it because he couldn't remember my name. All gals were dolls to him.... I digress......

The idea behind this fascinating story is a human named Michael Valentine Smith who was born and reared on Mars by the Martians and is reunited with Earthlings. He comes back to live on Earth. He has to "grok" the ways of us humans as his learned ways are Martian. In the book, he says "Thou art God" to everyone because to the Martians, everyone is the "God" of their own life. Not to get involved in a one sided theological discussion here but WOW! The impact of this one statement "Thou art God" has really made me more aware of, well, me. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an open mind about themselves and their life in general. Now I understand why my Grandmother, a published writer, avid science fiction reader, Sunday school leader, backbone of her small community and overall great lady (a southern belle in a dress always) used to tell me you are God. She always said we come from God and God is within us all. Now I get it....."Thou art God".

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