Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Miss Mint

   Mrs. Mint Sandlin was 91 years young when she left her body behind. She was married according to the laminated bookmark filled with her funeral service information that I found in a yard sale bible. She was affectionately known by those who loved her as "Miss Mint". Born in the state of Kentucky in 1912, she worked as a cook for a local school and was a member in good standing of the Baptist church. She raised four sons, four daughters and 3 stepchildren.Thats a lot of mouths to feed not to mention all the school children she cooked for. This is all I know of Miss Mint but I wonder, almost daily, what her life was like with a name like Miss Mint. It just tickles the lips saying it!  I can just imagine the children filing through the cafeteria line exclaiming "Miss Mint! Miss Mint!" It makes me smile. RIP Miss Mint.

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