Friday, January 15, 2016

Virgin Territory in a Used Garment

The majority of my wardrobe comes from discount stores, consignment stores and other second hand places. Digging through rack upon rack of used clothing, I feel the need to wash my hands as soon as I can. Some garments are so saturated in fabric softeners that it takes several washings to get them clean. It's all worth it though when you walk out with your latest bargain. When I discover a sweater, jacket, vest or pair of pants with the pockets still stitched up, I know I've discovered virgin territory in a used garment! My fingers will be the first to explore and caress the inner world of a new pocket. There are fresh corners to explore and depth potential to measure. It makes me smile knowing my fingers will be the first and I imagine the things I'll be able to carry in them besides my fingers. I love a brand new pocket.

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