Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November to one and All

Tis the First of November and soon we will fall back in time
as completely as we have done for many falls.
I do not really like this springing forward and falling back.
Measuring my man insists we do...
I have learned to accept that time is.
But really, what does it mean?
It's time to do's time to do that.....
it's time to go here and there,
time to wander every little where.

Time exsists independent of man
and yet measuring time is something only man does
to keep track
of the lives we lead......
I will grow old regardless of the clock
or the calendar
if I am so fortunate

tick, tick, tick......


  1. Funny thing about time......... at times it moves so fast, at times so slow but we go around the sun at the same speed.

    1. What a great perspective about time and the speed at which we are hurtling through space! Seems like it is rushing past at an alarming rate as I grow older, especially after I had my son who is now grown. I measured time by his accomplishments from being totally dependent on me to being a young man of almost 19 now! I finally have time for me again which is bittersweet and yet wonderful all at the same time.....I try to cram as much in every day as possible =)

    2. Absolutely right! I have always noticed this..... children are a benchmark for measuring time and they totally change how we look at things.

  2. I don't like the time change either. We actually live on the central/eastern time line. Constant confusion.

    1. I can only imagine how continuously chaotic that confusion must be constantly in your face! To actually live on a time line I'd have to do away with my clock =) I have gotten rid of my watch but only because I stop time but that is another story for different time =)

  3. Beautiful poem. I also hate the time change, but at least this time of year we get to sleep an hour longer :D

    1. Thanks Laura D =)
      There is always a silver lining to everything and you just found it! Enjoy your extra hour of slumber!

  4. Time change for humans = not the same for felines.
    My cat (who NEEDS to eat at 7AM each morning) has been jumping on my head and meowing at SIX AM now. SIIIX AM.

    1. Haha krista zee! My cat feels the same way!! She says "what do you mean time change? Feed me NOW"