Friday, November 9, 2012

Embarking on a Grand Adventure

This weekend, I will be traveling.
Next week, I will be traveling.
I will be traveling across the country
via automobile.

The idea seems so whimsically fun.
To see the wonders of America
from the windows of an automobile
rather than
the windows of an airplane,
which I have done.

As I embark on this grand adventure,
I contemplate the time it takes
to get from here to there,
and the moments that make up
the in between.

I will be living in the moment.
Knowing my destination looms closer
every day.
Yet, enjoying the moments
as they present themselves
to me,
searching roadside America
for it's treasures......


  1. The roads should be much calmer than in the height of summer... should make traveling easier.take care.

    Hope you will post about your journey. cheers.

    1. Hello Gwen. It has been a delightful trip thus far. Have settled for a few days so got the laptop out to check emails and such. I hope to post a few pics and my recollections once I make my return back to my ordinary everyday life!

  2. Replies
    1. lol they weren't invited ;) We did the whole trip sans music of any kind!