Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pictures from my Grand Adventure

These pics don't even begin to tell the tale of my two week Grand Adventure out West but only scratch the surface of the 1,200 plus pics I took on the journey. America is so much more vast than I had ever dreamed and this once in a lifetime trip was the perfect way to see some of it! 

The Grand Canyon

Calico California
Steven shooting pics

The Hoover Dam

The Meteor Crater

Hiking in Mt. Laguna

Somewhere in New Mexico

Our newest friend Taylor who hiked with us and slept on our bed!


  1. What an amazing journey and gorgeous photographs. That Grand Canyon is like another planet. I have never been there but it just boggles my mind.

    1. Gwen, Thank you for the compliment on the photos. I plan to post more of the artsy ones soon. I took way too many and a lot of those from a moving car!

      The GC boggled my mind too and we were so close to the southern rim on I-40 that I knew we needed to see it. It was so well worth it too! The image is seared into my mind now!!