Thursday, April 25, 2013


I sneeze again...
Scaring those within range which extends throughout the building I'm working in.

I wish I could squeeze out a polite little dainty sneeze like some of my friends do.
A quick little peep not even reminiscent of a sneeze at all but more like a little noise one might encounter when hearing a baby chick...

They can hear me in the next state.
It's a wonder my seniors haven't all had heart failure at the enourmosity of my sternutation.

Ahhhh the joys of seasonal allergies whose timing is marching on towards a good old fashioned sinus infection....



  1. ACHOOOOO... wasn't that the name of the Chinese fellow on 'Bonanza?'

    LOL @ your sneezes being heard in the next state. So that's what I've been hearing!

    I've heard several of my MD friends say that this has been one of the worse years yet for allergies.

    AUGH... I had sinus surgery last June. Sinus issues can be very serious...

    I trust your weekend was a fun one... :o)


    1. Hahaha Shoes...his name was Hopsing! I loved Bonanza.

      The allergies are beginning to abate so things should quieten down now =)

      I hope your sinus surgery went well and corrected what needed to be corrected! Sinuses are a pain in the arse!!! Well, no that's not true really, they're a pain in the schnozzz!

  2. Yes, they ARE a pain in the schnozz... it's ridiculous how long it took me to get over that stupid thing!!!

    They essentially rotor rooter your sinuses... augh!!!

    I hope all is well for you!