Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teach More Love!

As I watch along with others the horror of Boston, I think about the horrors all around the world that happen daily.... People the hands of others.....That's a fact. A sad one.

My heart breaks at so much hate in our world. To know that someone cares so little for the human existence that they could bring harm to strangers, that they could so easily snuff out the light in someone else's life....

I work to focus on the hero's and the helpers...those who run into the fray of chaos to help those in need. I focus on the good that come from evil, I focus on Love instead of Hate and hope that in my little world, I can bring some understanding of what it means to love and respect one another. Hate is taught just as love is.....

Teach more Love!


  1. Unfortunately, I have to agree with your closing statement about 'Hate being taught just as Love is...'

    A huge part of me is hoping that whoever did this in Boston is not domestic, but instead has some agenda that is derived from overseas.

    Politics has become so hateful... I have friends at work who are both liberal and conservative. I imagine myself to be a moderate... maybe socially liberal, but fiscally conservative. *shrugs*

    I am not pleased that the event in Boston is already being politicized. How sad.

    Before one of my classes today, I found a photo of the 'Cowboy hat hero'... and placed his image in my power point presentation... and and talked about how we have to step up... help others when it is called for... make a difference.

    Of course, my students just don't get it.

    I felt like I wasted that 5 or so minutes of class.

    Our society is doomed... it's run it's course. I feel like I've even failed as a Father.

    That obviously leaves me feeling very empty this evening.

    Thank you for this positive message, Dixiebelle.


    1. Hi Shoes and thank you for your comments. First off, does it really matter who perpetrated the awful events in Boston? There are terrorists all over the world. One is not born a terrorist but one is taught to hate. It is despicable regardless who carried it out. Unfortunately, we have our share of hate mongers here in the USA. I do not have television so I have not been bombarded with the same information being rehashed for ratings, Thank God!

      I abhor the political processes we've defined ourselves with. I am very liberal and believe that we as a nation should take care of our own but even beyond that, we as a civilization (humanity) should take care of our own species. Do we? No. Our society IS doomed as long as we continue to teach hate and intolerance. Love is the answer!

      I am fortunate that I have a whole host of twenty somethings that come over all the time and several living with me at the moment. My own son who is 19 has a long way to go but at least I know that even with his Asperger's traits, he is empathic and has been taught that Love is greater than Hate and respect for others and their lives and opinions goes far. We don't have to agree with everyone and we never will but respecting others and allowing them their opinions is vital. As a parent, I think we all feel we've failed at one time or another. I've always said that as a parent, the greatest thing I can teach my child is to be independent, self sufficient and happy most of all. If I accomplish this, then I have succeeded in parenthood. My child is his own person and responsible for his choices and his walk in this life. I've let him go (even though he still lives with me and still comes to me for advice). I encourage him to think for himself and consider his choices carefully.

      Okay, I realize I've gotten on my soapbox here and I'm rambling....hence the title of my blog =) Don't beat yourself up over your perceived inadequacies as a parent. We all make mistakes and hopefully, we learn from them. Spread Peace and Love =)

  2. Yes... Hate is taught, but I think it is also grown, mostly by lack of respect towards the person, entity or nation in question.
    And it always finds a way to go further. I don't know where the hate of those 2 men came from, but because of them, people who didn't hate before, may start hating too.

    Seems like hate needs to be as spectacular as possible, whereas love is displayed on a small and daily scale and doesn't need to be witnessed by a public.
    I still believe there's more love than hate in the world though.
    Indifference is the biggest threath, not hate.

    Something else... It makes me smile how Americans always look for a hero. In Europe we don't have that at all.
    I don't think it's good or bad, I just wonder where this need comes from.
    Maybe because for you the individual is more important and so when there's a mass, someone has to stand out?
    Maybe because you have an inherent optimism which always comes out?
    Maybe it's because you haven't lived war yet, not on your grounds? Maybe we've had too many wars, we've seen too many people become animals?

    I don't know. It's funny though.


    1. Stephanie, thank you for your comments. I too believe there is more love is this world than hate and I also believe acts of violence can create more hatred.

      I don't know how others feel but I have noticed that American's seem to focus more on the perpetrators of crimes rather than those who help and/or the victims. It's sad that people are so hungry for info on the "bad guys". I don't have access to television at home by choice so I get my news as I want it via the internet. This way I'm not spoon fed what the media wants me to believe. I look to the "hero's" and "victims" when something awful like this happens because I'd rather be focused on the good. I have not lived through a war on American soil but was here during the Vietnam conflict. America has suffered a war of horrible proportions on her fairly young soil which was the civil war between the states back in the early 1860's. War does bring out the best and worst in people.... I'm looking for the best...


    2. Stephanie... I agree with your comment about 'respect.' That SO seems to be missing, and seems to be one of the things that is NOT taught today to our children. I see that my children are so disrespectful to others, and at times, they think it's funny. I guess I call this the 'reality show' syndrome.

      Maybe the 'hero' issue here in the States is an attempt to find something immediately which restores Hope.

      I had the opportunity last year to spend a couple of weeks in Germany, Holland, and Belgium. I would love to have the opportunity to return some day.


  3. Dixie, Love and Care for each other is always the best. I wish the parties who did this terrible act are brought to justice. There is a lot of suspect evidence about who may have been behind it... there are some terrible people trying to run the world and using people as pawns to get what they want. Makes me really sad.

    1. Gwen, it makes me sad too. Love is the answer. Plain and simple but unfortunately, there are those who are not taught this or shown it.... and then there are those who are but still end up down the rabbit hole of life in some seriously dark places. Thank you for your response. I hope all is well with you and yours!