Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Same Love


I am so moved by this song that I feel the need to share it here as I did on facebook. Many won't understand or like it. I don't care. I'm through caring what others think about the things I care about. It's not my business. The message is what's important. Thanks to Evin for sharing it with me. She knows my soul and she knows how I feel about equality meaning ALL are equal! It should not matter what your gender is or the color of your skin, your  religion, politics or any of the above. If you love someone then you just love them. It's that simple!

Live on!

Peace and Love to you all this beautiful Tuesday.


  1. In Belgium marriage for gay people has been allowed for 10 years and adoption for 5 years. It was as if nobody even noticed the passing of these laws, there has been no fuss, no objection, nothing...
    About a month ago, gay marriage was allowed in France, protesting is still going on fiercely (but the French are known to protest and strike like they breath), still it has been approved and gay can marry.

    Which is good, of course.
    marriage doesn't have much meaning any more, certainly not in Belgium, maybe a little more in France. I mean, nowadays people go live together, not marry. Marriage may come later, but not per se. And when they marry, it is for tradition, for sentimental reasons, for administrative reasons (the children, heritage, ...).
    The original meaning is gone.
    E.g.in Italy, where marriage still is a very strong institution, gay marriage is not even considerable yet.

    So, allthough I am convinced it is a right for everyone, I think it is sad that we start considering and accepting marriage for gay people only when hetero's are losing interest in it.
    It's like giving a starved man the rests of the luxuous meal you've just had: yes, it would be outrageous to let him die of hunger, but there's no need to feel good about it: instead of sharing, it's only when we're done, that we have the decency to think about "allowing" him to eat.

    It is good and necessary, but at the same time it's too late...


    1. All of humanity should be equal but we never will be or at least not in my lifetime. After growing up with my adopted father being a closet homosexual and having my best friend throughout high school and beyond being gay, the matter for me has always been "So What?" I don't care what ones sexual orientation is. It is none of my business. I love the spirit of the person. I lost my best friend to aids in 1994. He is sorely missed. My dad was murdered for making an advance towards a straight man. Until hate has stopped being taught, there will always be issues of equality around the world. Our world will never be a perfect place to be but we can try and help by acknowledging that it is only natural to love. I could care less about marriage. It is a legal issue but it should be a right permitted. My government was kidnapped in the 50's by fear mongering right wing conservative folks who called themselves Christians. They have tried to insert a Christian God and the Bible into everything they do and to think our nation was founded on religious freedoms and yet we are bombarded with those who feel they must inflict their brand of Christian religion onto the rest of us. They pick and choose their sins and condemn the rest of us for not doing as they do....ugh...I need to step off my soapbox! I could really get on a roll here =)

      Thank you for your comments Stephanie. It's good to know there are parts of the world where people can just be themselves and love who they want.

      Peace and Love,

  2. I'm so sorry for your father. That's really horrible.

    No, I don't think all of humanity will ever be equal.
    Even if there were no more differences at all, there would always be someone to invent them.
    Creating differences means creating strong and weak, means creating power.
    And we love that a little too much.